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I used to think I only cared about the Music Industry.

(Granted, I traveled over a thousand miles to study it, so the mistake was warranted.)

But that was until my teacher used it in a sentence that referenced our passion in life. I stopped, disengaged, (had a minor freak-out), and began writing down all the reasons I would never sum-up my life’s “passion” with these two words.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t care about parts of the music industry. I find branding, packaging and strategizing useful as an artist and love discovering new bands to get hooked on. What I’ve learned about the industry while in school has been worth the distance, time, and money spent coming to Nashville… but I would never call it my life’s “passion.”

When you talk to someone who is passionate about the music industry, they might start talking about Billboard, magazines, record labels, and trending bands. They talk about the external.

I’ve always talked about writing, singing, self-awareness, and deeply understanding the people around me. I talk about communication, expression, and connectivity. The internal. The interpersonal. “Music Business” doesn’t quite hit it.

I (over)use the term “creative expression” a lot. I’m not even very sorry about it… I like it. It’s the perfect title, in my opinion, to reference those who feel a life calling to creatively share their emotions. These “sharers” are artists. 

Trying to share an emotion is one of the most difficult tasks in life.

How can someone make others feel something only he seen, heard, or felt in his own experiences? The metaphysical process of “transferring” seems quite possibly, well… impossible.

But that’s why creation and interpretation is such a craft. Through whatever means one chooses to do so, whether food, painting, woodwork, photography, dance, music, writing, or otherwise, awakening an emotion from inside himself and enabling another person to feel it with him is what makes the best story tellers.

For the artist, creative expression derives from direct communication with self-understanding. It has a rare ability to tap into the parts you have to explore deeper to reach, and (spoiler alert) may be a painful or life-changing experience upon arrival. Whichever one it is, finding it will help you experience life in a newer realm. Creative expression is far beyond any physical or earthly matter; it’s existential. It’s spiritual. Without it, I think we’re robbing ourselves of experiencing life to the greatest heights and depths of living.

For me, creative expression comes from the anchor so much more important than the wavering trends of the entertainment or music industry. Creative expression is about the artist and those he has inspired. Not how it measures up on the charts.

Music Business says, “This is what’s big. Be bigger.”  

Creative expression says, “These are my stories.”

My music and writing is done in hopes of sharing my experiences and enabling others to share them with me. If anything I write or sing can touch someone else in their journey, it’ll all be worth it to me.




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